Who We Are

A Team of Problem Solvers.

Our team consists of diverse and talented individuals united by a shared passion for excellence. With expertise spanning various disciplines, we promote a collaborative environment that values creativity, dedication, and continuous learning. Our commitment to deliver outstanding results and exceeding expectations is driven by our collective goal to create a positive impact in every aspect of work.

Our Story

Our journey began in 2003 with a single customer, as we embarked on a mission to revolutionize businesses through digital innovation. Today, with hundreds of satisfied customers, we've grown into a much larger team, and our very first client is still with us, as a testament to our story of success.

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Knowledge Sharing Sessions

We facilitate Knowledge Sharing Sessions (KSS) for both new hires and existing team members as needed. A Knowledge Sharing Session is an opportunity for our team to come together and exchange valuable insights, expertise, and updates.

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Random Thursdays

Every month, we host our Random Thursday meeting to connect with Spiralogics members worldwide. We have introductory presentations from new team members and a spontaneous presentation by existing members, fostering a sense of camaraderie across our global team.

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Daily Standups

Every day, we huddle up for a quick standup meeting. It's like a team catch-up where we share what we're working on, discuss any roadblocks, and make sure we're all on the same page. It keeps us connected and our work flowing smoothly.

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Townhall Meetings

Every quarter, we hold our Town Hall meeting, a company-wide gathering where everyone comes together to discuss important updates, share key insights, and align our collective goals. It's a forum for open communication, ensuring that every team member is informed and engaged in the overall success of our organization.

 Our Achievements in Numbers 


Years of Experience

With over two decades of dedicated expertise, we have been delivering innovative solutions that stand the test of time.


Amazing Employees

We are proud to house a dynamic team of 100+ talented and dedicated professionals who are passionate about crafting exceptional solutions for our clients.



With a track record of over 2000+ successful project deliveries, we consistently excel in turning ideas into reality and exceeding client expectations.



Our team operates from 4+ strategic locations, enabling us to deliver software solutions with a global reach while staying connected to local markets.


Company Retreats

We believe in fostering a vibrant workplace culture, and that's why we organize numerous company retreats throughout the year to promote team bonding and creativity.

Our Values

Our values reflect our commitment to inclusivity, collaboration, and innovation, driving us to create pioneering software solutions that resonate with a worldwide audience.

Driven by our passion, Spiralogics aims at "Visualizing a collective goal and achieving it" through these five core values instilled in our company culture.



Upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior in all interactions, fostering trust and credibility.



Encouraging continuous learning, innovation, and critical thinking to drive creativity and adaptability.



Taking responsibility for commitments, demonstrating professionalism, and fostering a culture of ownership.



Embracing diversity, practicing active listening, and treating others with empathy, professionalism, and inclusivity.



Striving for continuous improvement, prioritizing quality, and promoting the pursuit of mastery in all endeavors.

Senior Leadership 

Our team is a global mosaic, blending diverse talents and perspectives to create exceptional software solutions.


Samir Upadhyay


Our CEO, a visionary leader with a proven track record, guides our company with unwavering dedication and a passion for innovation. 

Saunak Ranjitkar


Our COO/CTO, an accomplished strategist and technical expert, drives our company's operational and technological excellence with a forward-thinking approach.


Muneesh Sharma


Our Vice President of Business Development drives strategic growth and fosters client relationships to lead our company towards excellence.

Dipendra Budhathoki


Our Director of Operations oversees the seamless execution of projects and ensures operational efficiency for our clients’ success.


Message from CEO

In this video, our CEO & founder, Samir Upadhyay emphasizes on fostering a collaborative and inclusive company culture while prioritizing strong client relationships as the cornerstone of our success.